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Contra Costa Times Covered the Recent CVCHS Board Meeting

By Lou Fancher

Read the full article: Concord: Clayton Valley Charter High School dismisses IT director; divisions continue between leaders, staff, community

From the article:

“Roughly 70 people filled the school’s library for the meeting, called just 24 hours earlier while the school was on holiday break. Most came to protest the board’s proposed termination of Rosso, a classified staff employee who had been on paternity leave since Nov. 17, but who was present at the meeting.”

Clayton Valley Charter High school leaders continue to struggle for unity

This is an excerpt from an article published by By Lou Fancher of the Contra Costa Times.  Here is a link to the full article.


In his article Mrs. Fancher reported on the continued conflict between the executive director, David Linzey, and the CVCHS faculty.

“Lineweaver said the interview on June 17 included discussion of complaints she had made about Linzey’s failure to respond to what she said were false, unsubstantiated complaints filed by a teacher against her. Lineweaver said the discussion was on her complaints about Linzey, but not about the complaints Linzey and the teacher made against her. A request to the school asking for clarification about the board’s decision to make portions — but not all — of the investigative report public, received the following response from Neil McChesney, director of Administrative Services.

‘Due to the nature of such matters, at this time we offer no public comment.'”