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9/14/16 CVCHS Governing Board Meeting Narrative

Clayton Valley Charter High School
September 14, 2016
Governing Board Meeting Narrative

The CVCHS board meeting started shortly after 6:00pm. The audience appeared to be made up of 150+ unhappy students, teachers, parents, and community members. There also appeared to be several happy Executive Director Linzey supporters in the front row. The meeting began with Chairperson Ted Meriam giving the audience instructions on proper behavior at a board meeting. He then called on members of the audience who had filled out a speaking card to come up and speak for their exact allotted speaking time of either 2 or 3 minutes. There were over a dozen speakers with all but one expressing their concerns about the executive director, the school board, the flight of teachers and staff, and the unexplained budget.

While memorializing the teachers that had touched their lives so profoundly, teachers who had each in turn fled the charter, the emotionally charged students begged the board members to listen to them. It appeared as though the entire leadership class of the school was in attendance. One after another they went to the speaking podium and poured out their feelings of frustration at the disappearance of their teachers, their counselors, and the staff that supported and mentored them. Some of those students were not only saddened by loss, but were also angry that nothing was being done to stop the landslide of disappearing staff. Another teacher had resigned that week, following dozens before her. Each student was loudly cheered by the audience for their heartfelt speeches, and as the room became more on edge, one very brave student stood up and with an air of confidence and resolve called on the board to wake up and solve the problem. Over and over again she pointed out that the problems at the school lead back to the executive director. She then looked at Executive Director Dave Linzey and asked him to resign. Of course the room erupted in cheers. The audience was with her.

One notable speaker pointed out the strange shifting of money in the budget from last year and the 11 million dollar surplus that could be used for students, but it appeared that it was being stockpiled for some unknown future use. Another speaker also pointed to the lack of detail in the budget and stated that she has tried numerous times to request explanations from the administration. This person is a respected, hard working elected board member of the Athletic Booster Board and was recently asked to resign by the athletic director, noting her unwelcome inquiries and negative comments about the administration. He told her if she didn’t resign the athletic booster club would be effectively shut down and kept from operating on campus.

After the students finished their impassioned speeches, but before any agenda “business” began, the executive director showed how much he cared by condescendingly giving the students “permission” to leave the meeting to go do their homework. The students looked around incredulously and stayed in their seats.

The board chair then gave a lengthy speech about how the Board has no say in, and cannot address personnel issues. He left out, however, the fact the Board does in fact have one personnel responsibility—to oversee, hire, and fire the Executive Director.

The board continued and as usual there were no comments about anything, no questions to the executive director, no promise to look into the issues, no questioning of the budget that no one in the room appeared to have a copy of. The board gave the appearance of puppets on a string bobbing their heads yes to everything the executive director proposed. There was no discussion of any item and no board business conducted at any time. A seemingly endless list of new hires was announced, some very obviously causing a controversy afterwards. Not one of the new staff, not even the new administrators were at the meeting to be introduced. Mr. Linzey stated that he would be visiting the leadership class the next day. The meeting was adjourned by 7:30pm.

Many people milled around talking after the meeting was over. A board member came down and chastised the students for their behavior. Another staff member from the school did the same. The parents also seemed incredulous that not even a single word was uttered by board members that gave them any indication that they recognized the problem and they would look into it. Parents wondered what they could do next. What can they do? This is a charter run by one person with no apparent oversight by anyone. One group already tried and where are they now? Retaliation is an often repeated word. Speaking up can have life time consequences. Good luck to the amazing students who spoke at the meeting and to all the students and parents who came to support them. Hopefully they will find the answer.


A Tale of Two Clayton Valley High Schools. What a difference a charter school makes!

A Tale of Two Charter Schools - Clayton Valley Charter High School -Then and NowA Tale of Two Charter Schools – Clayton Valley Charter High School -Then and Now

Neil McChesney Bills CVCHS For Consulting Work

Neil McChesney Resignation Letter 3-2-15

FINAL CVCHS Closeout Report-Conflicts of Interest

According to a declaration made by Neil McChesney in a letter addressed to CVCHS, “I left (CVCHS) on or about March 2, 2015 to pursue other interests, notably creation of a performing arts charter school”.  Mr. McChesney continued to receive monthly payments, totaling $9,600.00 from Clayton Valley Charter High School between April 1, 2015 and August 1, 2015 for “consulting work.”

What exactly is Mr. McChesney doing for Clayton Valley Charter High School, besides receiving money that could be spent on the students’ education?  Stakeholders for Transparency has requested a contract describing his duties, but have been told that the school needs extra time to “search for and collect” the requested information.

We are especially concerned because McChesney has been working to open the School of Performing Arts (SPA), and in the Contra Cost County Board of Education’s final report, “CVCHS provided the requested written confirmation that no funds were provided to the SPA Charter” and “provided the requested copy of its annual budget, showing no funds have or will be transferred from CVCHS to the SPA Charter.”  (Final CCCBOE Report, page 4 –   presented at the Jan. 13, 2016 Board Meeting).


MDUSD Sends Additional Complaints to CC County Board of Education Alleging Additional Violations of the Charter

Karen Sakata Ltr re CVCHS 3-5-15

Clayton Valley Charter High School allegedly violates contractual obligations with Mt. Diablo Unified .


Karen Sakata Ltr re CVCHS 3-5-15_Page_1Karen Sakata Ltr re CVCHS 3-5-15_Page_2Karen Sakata Ltr re CVCHS 3-5-15_Page_3Karen Sakata Ltr re CVCHS 3-5-15_Page_4

NCS realignment appeal upheld


The realignment process for the North Coast Section’s Valley Conference is nearly complete, with Clayton Valley Charter High’s future league the biggest remaining subject of debate.

After originally suggesting Clayton Valley move to the Bay Valley Athletic League, the alignment committee is now backing a proposal that keeps the school in a league with its Concord and central Contra Costa County neighbors.

The committee’s decision came after hearing an appeal by Heritage High at its Thursday meeting.

“The basis for the granting of the appeal came down to the belief that the Valley Conference as a whole did not properly consider the alignment criteria geographical proximity, which includes travel distance, travel time, time out of class and travel costs,” NCS Commissioner Gil Lemmon said in an email.

The alignment committee will forward both proposals to the NCS’s Board of Managers, as is customary when an appeal is granted. The Board of Managers will then will finalize league realignment for the 2016-2020 cycle with a vote at its April 28 meeting.

Under the alignment committee’s suggested proposal, the BVAL wouldn’t change. The East Bay Athletic League would add Dublin and Dougherty Valley to create a “super league” and the remaining DFAL teams would combine with the Diablo Valley Athletic League to form another super league.

Both super leagues would be divided into to two divisions for each sport based on competitive equity.

The only difference between this proposal and one originally drafted by the committee last fall is Clayton Valley’s placement.

By Stephanie Hammon


POSTED:   02/27/2015 04:59:28 PM PST

Office Of The District Attorney – Contra Costa County Investigates Possible Brown Act Violations at CVCHS

Clayton Valley Charter High School is IMPLODING!

  • The Contra Costa County District Attorney is Investigating Executive Director David Linzey and the CVCHS Executive Governing Board.
  • Teachers and staff are leaving with students being taught by substitutes and un-credentialed teachers.
  • And to make matters WORSE the Contra Costa County Board of Education has become so ALARMED they are conducting their own investigation.

Letter From CCC District Attorney to CVCHS Jan 2015 Continue reading

CVCHS Board Ignores Request by Bud Beemer to Reconsider its Conflict of Interest Decision

At the December board meeting, Bud Beemer was disqualified by a vote of 5-2 from serving as the retired teacher representative on the CVCHS Board.  Mr. Beemer was running unopposed.  On the day of the meeting, the Board disseminated a legal analysis finding that Mr. Beemer had a conflict of interest that disqualified his candidacy.  Although one Board member moved to table the discussion to allow Mr. Beemer time to respond to the analysis, the Board refused.  In the ensuing month, Mr. Beemer prepared his legal response, and asked the Board to place the issue on January’s agenda for reconsideration.  The agenda was released yesterday, and the Board refused Mr. Beemer’s request.  Mr. Beemer asked that his legal response be published here so that the inaccuracies in the legal analysis disseminated at the meeting in December (and is still posted on the CVCHS website) can be publicly rebutted:

Dear Governing Board, Continue reading

Change.org Petition to terminate Dave Linzey

Petitioning Clayton Valley Charter HS Governing Board and Contra Costa County Board of Education

Please follow this link to sign the petition to terminate Clayton Valley Charter High School’s Executive Director, David Linzey.


Here is the summary: Continue reading

CVCHS Board Meeting Summary by Shannon Brandt

Shan Man is seriously disappointed in the Governing Board at Clayton Valley Charter High School. What a complete embarrassment. First they do not allow interested parents to run for a board position so Megan Kommer can stay on, then they fire Matt Rosso the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so that he cannot run against and take Diane Bailey seat, so she stays on.

Keep in mind Diane did NOT want to be on the board until recently changing her mind. I wonder why? President Ted Meriam decides he would like to stay on the board so he votes for himself along with Megan, Diane, and April Winship at tonight’s meeting. You would think he wouldn’t get to vote right? There were over 110 people at the meeting tonight, 3 spoke positive of the board and Dave Linzey. Only 3. One was Kevin King, who used to be on the board and whose wife was hired by the charter with no prior experience. At tonight’s meeting the board voted to hire Kevin King. Continue reading

Please attend the CVCHS Board Meeting on Dec. 10th

Many of you have seen the flyer circulating around our community. We need your help to save Clayton Valley from internal corruption. It lists a small subset of the many grievances against David Linzey and his supporters on the CVCHS Board.  Please attend the board meeting on Wednesday evening, December 10th at 6:00 in the multi-use room at Clayton Valley. Continue reading