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Another statement from a CVCHS Teacher

Why for the first time in a very long teaching career am I speaking out against administration

I’m speaking out against Dave Linzey and the Board because I have been teaching a long time and I have never seen anything close to the abuse of power and the heavy handed manner in which Dave Linzey treats employees. It started for me at a couple years ago at a staff meeting when he was overtly critical and controlling while one of the directors was giving a presentation to the staff. Mr. Linzey interrupted, corrected, and actively controlled what was being said throughout the presentation with a scowl on his face and absolutely no regard for how embarrassing it was for the person presenting. I have never seen anyone on an administrative team treated so disrespectfully in front of the staff without tact or diplomacy. The tension in the room could be felt by all and it was the topic of discussion afterwards by many of my colleagues. I thought to myself, maybe he’s having a bad day, maybe this subordinate had done something previously to deserve this embarrassment in front of his staff. I tried to dismiss it because I wanted to believe in the image I had of Mr. Linzey up to that point. The leader I thought he was would have taken this person aside privately and coached them toward improvement not publicly shame them. As difficult as it was to witness this treatment, I think I would have been able to let it go if it had happened only once, but it happened on a regular basis. Continue reading