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A Graduation Plea From CVCHS Student Body President

**Stakeholders for Transparency was asked to help spread the following message from the CVCHS Class of 2015**


Recently, the Class of 2015 was notified of changes to their graduation. It is a Clayton Valley tradition for the Student Body Leadership to nominate teachers they would like to shake hands with at graduation.

This year, Mrs. Ihle and Mrs. Lineweaver were nominated. Tuesday, we were told that rather than teachers, Governing Board members Ted Meriam and Megan Kommer will be handing out diplomas and shaking seniors’ hands.

Students are outraged and are trying to fight for their right to decide who receives this privilege. However, we are struggling.

The following has been sent out to seniors through social media, in efforts to influence change. If you could please help in spreading the word and joining the effort, we would appreciate it.

Administration has taken away teachers’ privileges of handing out diplomas at our graduation. Seniors, this is OUR graduation and we have the power to change this decision if we come together. Please email the board and executive director asking for students to nominate administration, teachers, or board members to shake hands with, rather than the board president and VP. We are asking for the school to compromise with students and allow our input on who we would like to share this special moment with.

Email the governing board:








Email Mr. Linzey: david.linzey@claytonvalley.org

Please spread the word to students and parents, the more emails the better. Thank you

Thank you,

The Class of 2015

**Send a copy of your email to the County Board of Education**