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Tom Barnidge from the Contra Costa Times mentions Dave Linzey

Barnidge: These are the people who really need to give thanks

From the Article:

Who: David Linzey, executive director of Clayton Valley Charter High School

Why: His job security and $200,000 salary are not contingent on the approval of the school’s academic staff because 27 of the 40 full-time teachers recently evaluated his performance with a vote of “no confidence.”


CVCHS Board Members Manipulate the Election Process

CVCHS Board succeeds in disenfranchising parents from the upcoming Board election. Sharon Degener provides a behind-the-scenes look at the obstacles and inconsistencies she has encountered while volunteering on the election committee.

I have been on the election committee for the CVCHS Board and conveyed my disappointment with this entire process to the Board last week, but after our committee meeting yesterday, I cannot keep quiet any longer.

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CVCHS Board Meeting – A Vote of NO Confidence for David Linzey, the Executive Director.


The CVCHS governing board met on Wednesday, November 122014. It was a historic moment. We all knew it was going to be a very special evening as soon as we walked into the room.  Dozens of teachers filled the chairs and almost all were dressed in black.  Dozens of community members also attended and almost all were dressed in black.  This signified solidarity.  Two stakeholder groups came together that night and publicly supported each other once again.

No longer can anyone say this is a few disgruntled people. Kipp Penovich, the teacher union president handed the school board 27 sworn statements from 27 of the 40 permanent employed teachers. He testified that there would have been many more but the other teachers were too afraid of retaliation to make a public statement. They had already witnessed this too many times with their colleagues who spoke out. Continue reading

CVCHS Board Meeting Synopsis from Holly Tillman

Stakeholders for Transparency supports Holly Tillman for the CVCHS School Board.  Here is her synopsis of Wednesday’s (11/12/14) board meeting:

Friends, here is why I am running for the CVCHS board and why I need your support. Last night I witnessed the most toxic meeting I’ve attended since May, and a friend asked me if I thought the meeting went well last night. Here is a brief synopsis of what transpired during those three painful hours and why my head is still throbbing today.

Do I think it went well? That depends on which part. Continue reading

Unfair Labor Practice CVEA v. Clayton Valley Charter High School

The Administration at Clayton Valley Charter High School was recently notified that the California Teachers Association will be filing unfair labor practice charges against the Charter.  Here is a copy of the letter that was submitted to the administration. Continue reading

Parent Volunteer Fired For Speaking Out Against CVCHS Administration

This letter was submitted to us by a current CVCHS staff member:

Parents Beware!

A few weeks ago an efficient and popular parent volunteer was fired from doing her volunteer work in the copy room! This volunteer went beyond the call of duty in her ability to take on a task of any size, organize, staple, collate AND greet all teachers who crossed her path with unfailing support and patience. She saved teachers many hours with her work and will be greatly missed. Continue reading

A Teacher in the Trenches – Clayton Valley Charter High School

This letter was submitted to us by a current teacher at CVCHS:

There are 81 teachers at Clayton Valley Charter High School. 100% of those teachers are part of the Union (CVEA). Roughly 44 of those teachers are considered Veterans, many of which helped to write the Charter in 2011 and have stayed on the campus through the past two years. The first year, teachers were excited as they embarked on a brave new adventure. By the second year, all teachers- veteran and new- were buried under Benchmarks and testing rubric.  Clayton Valley has much to celebrate with its 62 point rise in scores but it is old news now, and based on a test that no longer exists. Do they complain about the workload? No, they do not. The reason is that they love what they do and are invested in a school that brings the brightest and best out in all kids to reach their potential. These teachers keep office hours, spend countless lunches tutoring students or going the extra mile to help that one student who is struggling.   The teachers are the pulse of the school. So, it makes sense, that someone should now take that pulse. Continue reading


While there has been much discussion on campus and in the community about the immediate and remarkable improvement of Clayton Valley when it converted to Charter, it seems that one person has been given full credit for this. This has misled the community to believe that he is the most important element that made up the charter improvement. This person walked into a community that was already united and taking its high school to new heights. The element of who stepped in was not what matters the most– the school community had already set the course for CVCHS to go from “Good to Great.” Continue reading

Clayton Valley Charter High School – WE ARE CONCERNED!

Stakeholders for Transparency is a grass roots group that was formed to advocate for the transparent operation of Clayton Valley Charter High School. We are Parents, Teachers, Staff, Community Members, Students, and Alumni. We are stakeholders united in the effort to provide the highest level of education to the children of our community. We battled long and hard to convert Clayton Valley High School to a Charter School. We won that battle on January 11, 2012 and immediately proceeded full speed ahead to move our school from “Good to Great” and we never looked back… until now. We had a common vision to make Clayton Valley a school that we could all once again be proud of and could bring its students to the highest level of academics and character development. But now others have used our passion to further their own ambitions. They have an AGENDA, which does not seem to put CVCHS as their highest priority. What is their agenda—could it be for personal gain or personal recognition? They seem to be obsessed with the need to grow, no matter what the risk, no matter what core values are lost or what ethics may be ignored. Continue reading

Clayton Valley Charter High school leaders continue to struggle for unity

This is an excerpt from an article published by By Lou Fancher of the Contra Costa Times.  Here is a link to the full article.

In his article Mrs. Fancher reported on the continued conflict between the executive director, David Linzey, and the CVCHS faculty.

“Lineweaver said the interview on June 17 included discussion of complaints she had made about Linzey’s failure to respond to what she said were false, unsubstantiated complaints filed by a teacher against her. Lineweaver said the discussion was on her complaints about Linzey, but not about the complaints Linzey and the teacher made against her. A request to the school asking for clarification about the board’s decision to make portions — but not all — of the investigative report public, received the following response from Neil McChesney, director of Administrative Services.

‘Due to the nature of such matters, at this time we offer no public comment.'”