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Teacher Cate Sundling dispels “I Support CVCHS” Comment

Below you are going to see a comment I wrote on Tuesday, January 6th and asked someone to post for me on the “I Support CVCHS” Facebook page. I was unaware of the page until someone alerted me that I was being discussed on that site. I have recently left Clayton Valley and my decision to leave was being attributed to teachers pressuring me to oppose administration. That allegation was supported by Deanne Carlson, who implied she’d spoken directly with me about my decision to leave, a conversation that never occurred. That is when I wrote the response below. Please know that Deanne apologized on that thread almost immediately; however, while I appreciate the apology, I am concerned that, because there were so many posts (over 150) on the thread and because the thread was removed so soon after my comment – I believe within an hour – that there was not enough time for parents and other readers who may have seen the earlier comments to read my clarification. Hence the posting of yesterday’s response here. Continue reading

Advertisements Petition to terminate Dave Linzey

Petitioning Clayton Valley Charter HS Governing Board and Contra Costa County Board of Education

Please follow this link to sign the petition to terminate Clayton Valley Charter High School’s Executive Director, David Linzey.

Here is the summary: Continue reading

CVCHS Board Meeting Summary by Shannon Brandt

Shan Man is seriously disappointed in the Governing Board at Clayton Valley Charter High School. What a complete embarrassment. First they do not allow interested parents to run for a board position so Megan Kommer can stay on, then they fire Matt Rosso the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so that he cannot run against and take Diane Bailey seat, so she stays on.

Keep in mind Diane did NOT want to be on the board until recently changing her mind. I wonder why? President Ted Meriam decides he would like to stay on the board so he votes for himself along with Megan, Diane, and April Winship at tonight’s meeting. You would think he wouldn’t get to vote right? There were over 110 people at the meeting tonight, 3 spoke positive of the board and Dave Linzey. Only 3. One was Kevin King, who used to be on the board and whose wife was hired by the charter with no prior experience. At tonight’s meeting the board voted to hire Kevin King. Continue reading

Please attend the CVCHS Board Meeting on Dec. 10th

Many of you have seen the flyer circulating around our community. We need your help to save Clayton Valley from internal corruption. It lists a small subset of the many grievances against David Linzey and his supporters on the CVCHS Board.  Please attend the board meeting on Wednesday evening, December 10th at 6:00 in the multi-use room at Clayton Valley. Continue reading

CVCHS Board proposes bylaw changes to further consolidate its power and to exclude stakeholder input

There is a new bylaw amendment proposed on Wednesday’s Board agenda.  It removes the provisions in the bylaws that require the elected Board members (teachers, staff, parents, administrative) to be recalled by their constituents before being removed from the Board.  The change will now allow the Board, by a 2/3 vote, to remove any Board member.

If this bylaw change passes, the teachers, staff, parents, administration can elect their representatives, but just 6 people on the Board can remove them.  Clearly, the Board has wanted Amber Lineweaver gone for months.  But they could not do it without a recall by the teachers who elected her.  This bylaw eliminates the constituents’ power and consolidates it in the Board. Why should 6 Board members be able to overrule a group of constituents–whether it be parents, teachers, or staff? Continue reading

Contra Costa Times Covered the Recent CVCHS Board Meeting

By Lou Fancher

Read the full article: Concord: Clayton Valley Charter High School dismisses IT director; divisions continue between leaders, staff, community

From the article:

“Roughly 70 people filled the school’s library for the meeting, called just 24 hours earlier while the school was on holiday break. Most came to protest the board’s proposed termination of Rosso, a classified staff employee who had been on paternity leave since Nov. 17, but who was present at the meeting.”

CVCHS Board terminates Matt Rosso

Ted Meriam, Megan Kommer, April Winship, and Dick Ellis (the only CVCHS Board members that were allowed to vote) terminated Matt Rosso at the special board meeting this evening.

More information on Matt Rosso’s story:

The story behind the attempt to terminate Matt Rosso

We were provided more information regarding David Linzey’s attempt to terminate Matt Rosso’s employment at CVCHS.  From Matt’s wife Katie:

“In the interest of transparency, we want to tell those who have shown support, of which we are humbled by, the reason that Dave has for recommending Matt’s termination.Dave has stated that he can no longer trust Matt. His reasoning, which is listed in the intent to dismiss being given to the board, is summarized below. Continue reading

CVCHS Board will vote to Terminate Matthew Rosso

We found out that the person being targeted for termination at tomorrow’s board meeting is Matthew Rosso.  Is it a coincidence that he is running against Diane Bailey?  The Executive Director’s actions are reprehensible in every way.  We applaud Matthew and his family’s courage and we as a community need to be there tomorrow night to show David Linzey that we will not stand for this!

From Matthew’s Facebook page:

NO MORE paternity leave. So on my 4th day of paternity Im asked to come in and sign some paternity leave paperwork. So I go in with my daughter to show her off. When I arrived I am asked to meet with our Executive Director. I am then told he is asking the board to fire me.
He then claims to not want to hurt my family, so he offers me a small severance if I agree to keep the whole thing quiet and resign. My wife and I decided we can’t abide by such deceptive tactics. So tomorrow at 4:00pm at Clayton Valley Charter’s Library a special meeting is taking place to vote on my dismissal. The night before thanksgiving, OH and only non-interested board members voting.
Not a happy father. Continue reading

CVCHS Board to Terminate – Special Governing Board Meeting

The CVCHS Board, yet again, has called another Special Governing Board Meeting on short notice at an irregular time.


Special Governing Board Meeting called the day before Thanksgiving…….why?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
4:00 PM, CVCHS Library
1101 Alberta Way, Concord, CA 94521

Continue reading