Is CVCHS Funding David Linzey’s New Clayton Valley Charter Tech Academy?

cv-tech-petition Clayton Valley Tech – Charter Petition

cv-tech-appendix Clayton Valley Tech – Charter Petition Appendix

Wondering why CV sits on an $11 million surplus but continues to ask parents to donate for school supplies, tech supports, sports etc?

Because the CV Board has pledged to use its money (amount “TBD”) to help David Linzey and his new charter corporation open a new school (“Clayton Valley Charter Tech Academy”) located at the St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church  on Kirker Pass Rd.

When did the CV Board vote to fund a new charter?  And why doesn’t the CV Board care that its Executive Director is spending his time planning new charters instead of focusing on fixing the problems at CV?  Maybe because CV Board members Richard Assadoorian and Ted Meriam are part of the advisory council to the new charter?  And CV Board members Tom Sparks and Sarah Lovick have agreed to teach at the new school?

The CVC Tech Academy charter petition is scheduled to be presented to the Contra Costa County Board of Education on Wednesday, October 19th.




1 thought on “Is CVCHS Funding David Linzey’s New Clayton Valley Charter Tech Academy?

  1. andsoitgoes

    While I know that your group primarily deals with CV, I have noticed you commenting on other Charters.  I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t point out what is happening  at CocoSpa….. the Contra Costa School of Performing Arts school which opened in August in Walnut Creek.    Very little of what was promised has come to fruition.  The site McChesney chose didn’t meet code (something about fire sprinklers and handicap access) for a school….it was an office building prior.  Somehow he didn’t realize this until July (that’s when he revealed it to parents)…after students had accepted positions at their school and declined positions at other schools.  At this point he revealed that his plan was to put portables in the parking lot of this business park…..but they would need to push school back a couple weeks and portables would take a month or so to put up.  Those promises have come and gone.  The school conducts itself out of the Ultimate Field House while the admin of the school works out of the lush building that no students are allowed to enter.  Many months later portables are still not up.  Gone are promises for the dance and studio space.  Even if portables are delivered as promised…there would not be the space promised.  What the kids will get are portables (even portable bathrooms) in a parking lot.  These kids did not sign up to attend school in a parking lot. 

    In early summer there also was an auction where they raised considerable money for school needs…such as dance floors and naming rights for classrooms….I’m not sure what happened to this money.  One donor gave a lump sum $5000 very specifically for naming rights to the Design and Production classroom/wing. It was never revealed how much was made and it was never revealed what would happen to that money now that no building actually exists.  There is no accountability…no surprise to you I’m sure. 

    This whole endeavor has been devastating for many serious dancers, musicians who gave up positions at other local and non local schools after being sold on the Cocospa dream.  I’m pretty certain that many of the teachers, staff could be disappointed as well having walked away from a variety of prestigious positions…only to be teaching in a basketball gym and later in portables.  At best…..McChesney was very careless in how he packaged and sold his dream.  He eased every ones concerns with promise after promise….knowing full well (because how could he not know a building wasn’t up to code) that the dream was unlikely.  I am not saying that the kids aren’t having fun and learning….I’m sure many are quite happy to be in this alternative learning environment.  However… IS not what anyone signed up for….not even close.

    Many said this was likely to happen….but we were so blind by the promise of something for our kids who needed more then what a traditional school could offer. 



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