NCS realignment appeal upheld

The realignment process for the North Coast Section’s Valley Conference is nearly complete, with Clayton Valley Charter High’s future league the biggest remaining subject of debate.

After originally suggesting Clayton Valley move to the Bay Valley Athletic League, the alignment committee is now backing a proposal that keeps the school in a league with its Concord and central Contra Costa County neighbors.

The committee’s decision came after hearing an appeal by Heritage High at its Thursday meeting.

“The basis for the granting of the appeal came down to the belief that the Valley Conference as a whole did not properly consider the alignment criteria geographical proximity, which includes travel distance, travel time, time out of class and travel costs,” NCS Commissioner Gil Lemmon said in an email.

The alignment committee will forward both proposals to the NCS’s Board of Managers, as is customary when an appeal is granted. The Board of Managers will then will finalize league realignment for the 2016-2020 cycle with a vote at its April 28 meeting.

Under the alignment committee’s suggested proposal, the BVAL wouldn’t change. The East Bay Athletic League would add Dublin and Dougherty Valley to create a “super league” and the remaining DFAL teams would combine with the Diablo Valley Athletic League to form another super league.

Both super leagues would be divided into to two divisions for each sport based on competitive equity.

The only difference between this proposal and one originally drafted by the committee last fall is Clayton Valley’s placement.

By Stephanie Hammon

POSTED:   02/27/2015 04:59:28 PM PST


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