Petition to terminate Dave Linzey

Petitioning Clayton Valley Charter HS Governing Board and Contra Costa County Board of Education

Please follow this link to sign the petition to terminate Clayton Valley Charter High School’s Executive Director, David Linzey.

Here is the summary:

We, as the Concerned Stakeholders of CVCHS, no longer hold good faith in the executive director, David Linzey. We do not believe nor trust in his leadership, decisions, nor honesty. We feel he has grossly misrepresented truths and has made decisions that affect our learning community in a negative way. We are also concerned for the safety of our students. We are requesting that CVCHS terminate David Linzey’s contract so that the community can move forward in a positive way.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our Governing Board to hear our concerns and value our input. As our elected governing board, the citizens request our voices be heard. Our concerns include the following:

  • Student safety
  • Failed labor management practices
  • Financial mismanagemet
  • Lack of collaborative communication with all stakeholders

Sadly this is the second time David Linzey has had a petition created demanding his termination.  The first one was created in early 2012 by the community of Nuevo where Linzey served as the Superintendent.  Click on the link below for more information.

Before CVCHS David Linzey was the superintendent of the Nuview Union School District.

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