CVCHS Board Meeting Summary by Shannon Brandt

Shan Man is seriously disappointed in the Governing Board at Clayton Valley Charter High School. What a complete embarrassment. First they do not allow interested parents to run for a board position so Megan Kommer can stay on, then they fire Matt Rosso the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so that he cannot run against and take Diane Bailey seat, so she stays on.

Keep in mind Diane did NOT want to be on the board until recently changing her mind. I wonder why? President Ted Meriam decides he would like to stay on the board so he votes for himself along with Megan, Diane, and April Winship at tonight’s meeting. You would think he wouldn’t get to vote right? There were over 110 people at the meeting tonight, 3 spoke positive of the board and Dave Linzey. Only 3. One was Kevin King, who used to be on the board and whose wife was hired by the charter with no prior experience. At tonight’s meeting the board voted to hire Kevin King.

Tim Lunsford put to rest any doubt about the sexual harassment rumors going on at the school with his statement. He said something like “Look I know who it was. It was my friend’s daughter. I talked with my friend, and he is all good with the result. Dave Linzey took out a notebook that he had notes on the whole event from when it took place 8 months ago.”

And finally they would not accept Bud Beemer as the retired teacher position because a report conveniently received last night by Dave Linzey’s lawyer. Ted said he asked the lawyer to look into it weeks ago and confirmed it when I asked him. It took 2 weeks to look into Bud? What was the election committee doing? Have they never heard of google? Bud got up and pointed out a ton of errors in the memo. Their main point was that Bud is commissioner of the BVAL, and that CVCHS might go into that league and it would be a conflict of interest. Bud pointed out that many commissioners of leagues are AD at schools, for example the DVAL, whose commissioner is the AD at Berean Christian. How would it be a conflict anyway?

I would encourage you to go to meetings and write to the board, but it is useless. You need to go above their head to the County Board of Education. Dave Linzey is a bully with Ted, Megan, April, and Diane as his puppets. Shame on them all. It’s very sad.

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