The story behind the attempt to terminate Matt Rosso

We were provided more information regarding David Linzey’s attempt to terminate Matt Rosso’s employment at CVCHS.  From Matt’s wife Katie:

“In the interest of transparency, we want to tell those who have shown support, of which we are humbled by, the reason that Dave has for recommending Matt’s termination.Dave has stated that he can no longer trust Matt. His reasoning, which is listed in the intent to dismiss being given to the board, is summarized below.

About six months ago, Dave asked Matt in confidence to do something. He said that this was also at the request of the board. Matt felt very uncomfortable with performing this task, especially with all of the turmoil and unrest that was happening at the charter (between Dave and school employees and board members). Because it was said that the request was also coming from the board, Matt emailed the board president at the time. He requested confirmation that the board had also requested for him to do this. The response was simply ‘Ok, thanks for letting me know’. Matt took this as the board not actually being involved or even knowing about the request. Because he saw it as now a personal request and not from the board, Matt then told the person being targeted about the request. He saw and sees this request as illegal since he believed it was personal and not necessarily charter/official, and I supported his decision at the time and still support it today.

After this happened, Dave pulled Matt into his office and explained that he was in the wrong for telling this person, especially because it was requested of him in confidence. Matt took responsibility for this and it has not been discussed or even mentioned between them since, nor was he officially written up. Matt also then performed the requested task.

Matt will go into more detail during his defense tonight, we just wanted to sum up the facts so everyone has the full picture and can support Matt if they still agree that this is wrong; to fire him while on paternity leave…. We requested that the entire meeting be public so his charges and defense could be heard by everyone but that has been denied

Interestingly this termination is six months after the fact.”

We find it important to mention that Matt recently announced his intention to run for the CVCHS Board against incumbent Diane Bailey.  Diane has been a staunch supporter of the Executive Director, Dave Linzey.

2 thoughts on “The story behind the attempt to terminate Matt Rosso

  1. William Pisani

    It maybe time to get a new Executive Director and a new Board of Directors, This is all about doing the right thing for the kids and that cannot be done with all the infighting.


  2. cindy

    I want to just say I behind you 100%! It’s very sad to see all the infighting and Mr. Lenzey seems to always be in the middle of it. My husband says we should complain to the State Board of Education. I don’t trust Mr. Lenzey I think he has his own agenda. Like the 20% pay increase he was awarded, what the heck was that all about??



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