CVCHS Board will vote to Terminate Matthew Rosso

We found out that the person being targeted for termination at tomorrow’s board meeting is Matthew Rosso.  Is it a coincidence that he is running against Diane Bailey?  The Executive Director’s actions are reprehensible in every way.  We applaud Matthew and his family’s courage and we as a community need to be there tomorrow night to show David Linzey that we will not stand for this!

From Matthew’s Facebook page:

NO MORE paternity leave. So on my 4th day of paternity Im asked to come in and sign some paternity leave paperwork. So I go in with my daughter to show her off. When I arrived I am asked to meet with our Executive Director. I am then told he is asking the board to fire me.
He then claims to not want to hurt my family, so he offers me a small severance if I agree to keep the whole thing quiet and resign. My wife and I decided we can’t abide by such deceptive tactics. So tomorrow at 4:00pm at Clayton Valley Charter’s Library a special meeting is taking place to vote on my dismissal. The night before thanksgiving, OH and only non-interested board members voting.
Not a happy father.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014
4:00 PM, CVCHS Library
1101 Alberta Way, Concord, CA 94521

2 thoughts on “CVCHS Board will vote to Terminate Matthew Rosso

  1. William Pisani

    Asking for a resignation is a ploy to avoid a wrongful termination action. It seems to me if the Executive Director would resign we could get on with a smooth operation that has the kids first.



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