Parent Volunteer Fired For Speaking Out Against CVCHS Administration

This letter was submitted to us by a current CVCHS staff member:

Parents Beware!

A few weeks ago an efficient and popular parent volunteer was fired from doing her volunteer work in the copy room! This volunteer went beyond the call of duty in her ability to take on a task of any size, organize, staple, collate AND greet all teachers who crossed her path with unfailing support and patience. She saved teachers many hours with her work and will be greatly missed.

Unfortunately, this same volunteer spoke at the October public hearing regarding the Parent Survey that was sent out. The tone of her comments were respectful but clearly not what Neil McChesney and Dave Linzey wanted to hear. So, they fired her. I ask, can you fire a volunteer? I suppose you can if they dare to say anything contrary to governance.

This is just another example of this administrations iron fist for conformity. So, parents beware.

~A concerned CV staff member

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