Before CVCHS David Linzey was the superintendent of the Nuview Union School District.

Our School Board needs to hear our concerns and value our input.

From the article:  We, as the Concerned Parents of Nuevo, no longer hold good faith in the superintendent, David Linzey. We do not believe nor trust in his leadership, decisions, nor honesty. We feel he has grossly misrepresented truths and has made decisions that affect our learning community in a negative way. We are requesting that in future decisions, our voices will be heard.

Here is the petition on from the parents of Nuevo.  It had 62 signatures before Dave Linzey resigned to accept a position at CVCHS.

Here is a letter that was submitted to their board:

David Linzey NuevoWhen we continue to dig further we find more of the same problems with David Linzey regarding his time at Nuevo as we are experiencing at CVCHS.

Concerned Parents of Nuevo Updates (compiled repost)

Excerpts from the post:

“Regarding the email, Mr. Linzey has been legally served by California Teachers Association on behalf of the Nuview District Teachers Association.”

“As you may know our district has pink slipped 17.3 teachers, almost 20% of our district’s teachers. But what you may not know is that our administration is the top paid in our county (7.87% while the county average is 5.5%) and our teachers are the lowest paid (42.25% while the county average is 45.66%). You will find a powerpoint presentation using the actual numbers our district submitted to the county also attached for your review. ”

“Mr. Linzey is the highest paid superintendent (per pupil) in Riverside County, making $102 per pupil per day and works 215 days per year.  Not only will Mr. Linzey receive a 3.5% raise on July 1st, he will also receive a $5,000 bonus for moving Nuview Elementary School out of Program Improvement status if this year’s state test scores continue to have shown improvement.  Let’s not forget the increase in test scores is due to our ability to maintain our low class sizes which provide individual attention to our children. It will be unlikely, we will continue to see an increase in state test scores next year not only because of our increase in class size, but also due to our intervention programs being cut.”

Here is a letter that was sent to Governor Jerry Brown: Education Update: Nuview Union School District

In 2010, David Linzey applied to Nevada Union Joint High School District.  Here is an article detailing how lucky they were that he withdrew his application:

Did the high-school district dodge a bullet with planned hire?

Clearly Dave Linzey has a terrible history.  It seems that everyone now knows this with the exception of certain members of the CVCHS Board, and a small handful of Clayton community members.


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